Today’s companies can optimize and leverage the usage of Digital Technologies thorough holistic approach by driving focus on workforce and workplace to magnify productivity, in other form this can be achieved through improved customer experience and employee experience leading all the way to be a “Intelligent Company”.

The increase in millennial entering the workforce, companies overcast themselves towards a work culture which is even more borderless, collaborative, innovation focused and also the workplaces of the future will increasingly be anytime, anywhere, and a mix of physical and virtual spaces but at the same time, they should ensure security and compliance.

A report states that by 2021, 60% of the global companies would have adopted a future-workspace model, a flexible, intelligent, collaborative virtual to improve employee experience & productivity and the demand for talent will result in 65% of companies offering co-working and remote-work options that leverage on pervasive access to enterprise and collaboration applications.

Workspace shift in Indonesia

  • In Indonesia, 50% of the working populations are millennial, who demand an “anywhere”, “anytime” workplace, and an “intelligence workforce” to interact with, along with an innovative work culture.
  • The report shows that 26% of organisations are exploring or have already shifted some employees to a co-working or shared working space.
  • Statistics point that 1 in 4 has a budget in place and a further 1 in 3 are planning to invest in the next 12 months

Interesting facts about Indonesia You Might Not Know!

Indonesia ranks as 5th largest market for mobile subscribers with 355.5 million users and also a much needed boost for the country as Government is taking key role in building resilient Network connectivity. (Indonesia Broadband Plan is a nationwide high-speed internet access launched by government, The total budget allocated for the program is Rp 278 trillion (US$23.2 billion) )

The above research data self explains why Explore Exhibitions and Conferences is organizing its first ever Enterprise Mobility Summit in Indonesia on 16th Oct, 2019. As the companies expand their mobile application footprint, the need to manage and integrate these projects will also progressively increase requiring robust platform tools and technologies. For more details you can reach us at or visit