The mobile revolution is changing the way organizations work, manage their operations as well as engage with their employees. As a result, organizations are reconsidering their technologies and techniques to make their traditional organizational cultures and roles more mobile friendly, making ‘mobile first’ a must have strategy.

Enterprise mobility solution is no not rocket science. It is actually a well-planned structure comprising of the solutions of the existing problems. Hence we systematically classify the opportunities and explain you the concept of adapting enterprise mobility to your organization.

  • To structure and deliver information where it is required and when it is required
  • Integrate technology, people and processes for efficient and effective delivery of the core business functions to the several business units present within the organization
  • Aims at offering solutions to various existing problems of the organization related to developing as well as the delivery of mobile apps and implementing timely responsiveness to users.

The most commonly used Mobile technology along with bring-your-own device (BYOD) has largely transformed our lives, including the way we work on a day to day basis. But enterprise mobility is more than simply providing remote access to employee and customers. It is rather a shift in work habits where employees can work remotely leveraging mobile devices, cloud technology to better perform business tasks and application of intelligent security being the top most priority.

Yes, we are right in stating this, the emerging market of the Indonesia is looking forward for this tectonic shift in the way business function while it ranks 4th among the largest mobile subscribers in the world with more than 250,100,000 users and a proactive government taking steps towards building a resilient Network connectivity and also our research showing that 1 in 3 companies are planning to invest in the next 12 months.

The objectives well stated above are for the reason why Explore Exhibitions and Conference is going to host its first ever Enterprise Mobility event for most lucrative market in Asia specific and calling all the Technologies providers to be among the first companies to leverage the untapped market of Indonesia.

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